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Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care

Election of Head of Institute

At the beginning of the month, Dr Peter Brauchli was elected as the first ever Head of Institute of the Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care (IfIS). Before that, he was already the Managing Director of IfIS.

His election is unprecedented at the University of Zurich: according to the framework ordinance for institutes, the Head of Institute needs to be a professor, which Dr. Brauchli is not. However, the IfIS is in an unusual position, as it is still a very new institute and there are no chairs: all professors are currently assistant professors.

In order for the professors to be able to focus on their careers, as well as on the scientific side of establishing the Institute the Executive Board of the University has approved a change in the institute regulations, allowing the Managing Director to become the Head of Institute. Additionally, the Board of Directors was enlarged from the usual three to four members. This allows all the professors to contribute during this important time. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Rahel Naef has been elected as Deputy Head of Institute.

These exceptional institute regulations are temporary; as soon as a holder of a professorial chair joins the Institute, they will be adapted.

Read the complete ordinance here.