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Our partner hospitals

University Hospital Zurich

The University Hospital Zurich is open to all patients every day and provides fundamental medical care and cutting-edge medicine in a central location in Zurich. We use our superior academic knowledge to treat a wide range of health issues, taking a personal touch and utilizing highly specialized and up-to-date research.

University Hospital of Psychiatry Zurich

The integrative treatment strategies used at the University Hospital of Psychiatry are based on internationally established scientific guidelines and pay equal attention to biological, psychological, and social aspects.

University Children's Hospital Zurich

The University Children’s Hospital is a nonprofit private institution serving all children and adolescents. It is the largest children’s hospital in Switzerland and one of Europe’s leading centers for pediatric and adolescent medicine.

Balgrist University Hospital

Leading international specialists treat pain and injuries to the musculoskeletal system at the orthopaedic University Hospital Balgrist.

Additional Partners

Careum Stiftung

The Careum Foundation, founded in 1882 as a nursing school and hospital by the Red Cross Zurich-Fluntern, sees itself as an organization that promotes dialogue between those involved in the health care sector. Careum shows how trends in the health sector can be implemented in specific educational policy projects. The aim is to give relevant impulses and to show possible solutions, how the future world of health and especially education in the health care system can be actively shaped.

ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences

The ZHAW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. It offers teaching, research, continuing education and other services that are both practice-oriented and science-based.

UZH Digital Society Initiative

The "UZH Digital Society Initiative" (DSI) is a scientific institution supported by all faculties of the University of Zurich (UZH) and open to all members of the UZH. It aims to promote independent scientific reflection and innovation on issues relating to the digital society, to prepare UZH students to help shape the digital society, to engage in a continuous discourse with the public and to support political decision-making.

The Loop Zurich

The LOOP Zurich is a medical center for translational research and precision medicine. It focuses on new approaches, better diagnostics, and novel therapies that will benefit patients and society as a whole. Our goal is to enhance personalized healthcare by efficiently transferring scientific knowledge into medical practice.

University of St. Gallen / School of Medicine

The School of Medicine is a teaching and research facility at the University of St. Gallen. Since autumn 2020, the focus of teaching has been on the Joint Medical Master - a pioneering human medical training that is offered together with the University of Zurich. The focus of the scientific work of the professorial chair for Management in Health Care, founded in 2020, lies in the analysis and development of instruments for measuring and controlling the effectiveness and efficiency of health care. Two bridging professorships in the field of Digital Health Interventions and Medical Knowledge and Decisions Support are in the appointment process with the University of Zurich.

Institute for Regenerative Medicine

The Institute for Regenerative Medicine • IREM is advancing molecular life sciences into next generation bio-inspired therapies. It also offers teaching and training in BioEntrepreneurship to create an environment for the establishment of successful life sciences & health UZH startups.

BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation (BEI) program

From Scientist to BioEntrepreneur - Creation of a Marketable Product

IREM’s BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation (BEI) program offers hands-on training for life scientists to become successful BioEntrepreneurs in BioTech, MedTech or Pharma. In the BEI modules, they learn how to bring their ideas and research results to market, by getting insights into the essential techniques and know-how (IP, business plan, regulatory requirements, and funding, etc.) for setting up a spin-off company. The aspiring BioEntrepreneurs are trained by "Entrepreneurs and Experts in Residence", who share their learnings on how to avoid the classic pitfalls of founding a company.

BioMed Entrepreneurship

Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship

BioMed Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


Swiss Association for Nursing Science

The Swiss Association for Nursing Science is the national representative, the professional network and the scientific partner for interdisciplinary exchange. With almost 700 members, it proactively participates in forming opinions on issues relating to the Swiss health care system. It plays a key role in developing the profile of nursing scientists in clinical practice, in education and research and in management. It brings important university, clinical and political interlocutors to one table and promotes academic discourse.