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Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care


News list

  • The module "Interprofessionelle Immersion" receives support from the UZH Teaching Fund

  • Masterclass 2024

    The 4th masterclass at the Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care will be held in the fall. The goal of the masterclass in Implementation Science is to gain an overview of the theories, designs, methods, and tools of Implementation Science, as well as to transfer knowledge into research and health care practice and make references to your own projects.

  • Pfizer Research Prize goes to MD PhD Aline Wolfensberger and Professor Lauren Clack

    MD PhD Aline Wolfensberger and Professor Lauren Clack from the Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care (IfIS) and Department of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) received the Pfizer Research Award on 25 January, 2024. The prize was awarded for outstanding and pioneering contributions to basic or clinical research at Swiss research institutes or hospitals. The work of the IfIS researchers on non-ventilator-associated hospital-acquired pneumonia was recognized in the category "Infectious Diseases, Rheumatology and Immunology".

  • 887 participants enrolled in FICUS trial

    The 16 intensive care units (ICU) in German-speaking Switzerland involved in the FICUS trial have recruited 887 family members of ICU patients over a period of 19 months into the study. The enrollment aim was achieved by the end of 2023.

  • Seed Grants Citizen Science 2023: two of the six funded projects were applied by IfIS

    Once a year, the Participatory Science Academy awards Seed Grants for the development and/or implementation of participatory citizen science projects. Teams of academic researchers and citizens can apply for up to 40'000 CHF. For 2023, the selection committee of Citizen Science Zurich has decided to fund six projects around animal welfare, sustainability and health – two of them were applied by IfIS.

  • Professor Viktor von Wyl new member of the Directorate of the Swiss School of Public Health

  • Dr. Bianca Albers is Co-Editor in Chief of the journal Implementation Research and Practice

  • Innovative Contribution to Family Nursing Award to Professor Rahel Naef

  • Masterclass 2023

  • Participants in FICUS trial: more than half of the recruitment aim has been achieved

  • The joy of volunteering - an interview with a member of the IfIS team

  • A new study compares European Contact Tracing Apps

  • IfIS joins Swiss Learning Health System

  • European Implementation Event 2023

  • Chances for the Swiss health care system thanks to implementation science

  • Guest Lecture on digital medtech products and regulation

  • State of the Art lecture at the SSN annual meeting

  • SAMS Report on Implementation Science in Switzerland

  • An introduction to implementation science via podcast

    On the PhysioBib Podcast Dr Marie-Therese Schultes explains the foundations and potential applications of implementation science. Her interview – in German – with the podcast hosts Nils Reiter and Noak Liem gives a thorough overview over the topic. 

    You can listen to the full episode here.

  • Swiss National Research foundation supports trial to decrease the use of antibiotics

  • What can implementation science do? Professor Lauren Clack answers in an interview

  • Guest Lecture by Per Nilsen about De-Implementation

  • How TV can help us overcome disparities in combatting non-communicable diseases

    In this short animated video, Prof. Dr Tobias Kowatsch gives an overview of his research into mitigating the socioeconomic inequalities in health, via lessons learned from TV.

  • CTC Mini Series: Implementation Science

    In cooperation with the Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care, the Clinical Trial Center at the University Hospital Zurich organizes a mini-series on Implementation Science. The aim is to draw attention to the relevance and application possibilities of Implementation Science in the field of clinical research. The focus of the first course is on an introduction to the topic with concrete examples, while in the second course the basics are deepened with further information on methodology, application and study design.

  • Guest lecture Prof. Dr. Petra Brysiewicz

    Petra Brysiewicz, Professor of Nursing at the School of Nursing & Public Health, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa has been involved in research and education of health professionals, primarily nurses, in South Africa and Africa for 25 years.

  • FICUS trial begins recruitment of participants

    The intensive care units participating in the FICUS trial have started recruiting family members of ICU patients from German-speaking Switzerland in June.

  • Masterclass 2022

  • Proposal for a National Research Program

  • Appointment Tobias Kowatsch

  • Appointment Janna Hastings

  • Presentation at the European Implementation Collaborative General Assembly

  • Inaugural Lecture Lauren Clack

  • Inaugural Lecture Rahel Naef

    Prof Dr Rahel Naef will be giving her inaugural lecture on May 14th. Her talk is entitled “Health as Family Affair – A Nursing Science Perspective.” The talk is in German.

    The lecture is public and will also be broadcast online.

    Agenda UZH

  • The IfIS at the 2nd IMPACT Conference

  • Election of Head of Institute

  • The Challenges of Implementation Science in German Speaking Countries

  • The SwissCovid Digital Proximity Tracing App after one year: Were expectations fulfilled?

    Recent evidence on the SwissCovid app in Switzerland and digital proximity tracing (DPT) apps in an international context reveals DPT apps to be effective at mitigating non-household spread. Future pandemic management through DPT apps requires more investment in resources to advance digitalization in healthcare, educate relevant stakeholder groups and address concerns of user privacy and principles of voluntariness.

  • Launch Event IfIS

    “Is Switzerland ready for Implementation Science?” - this was the motto at the IfIS launch event. The detailed report can be found on the news page of the University of Zurich Link

  • Implementation evaluation of school-based interventions

  • 2nd IMPACT Conference in February 2022: registration has opened

  • 1st Swiss Antimicrobial Stewardship in Practice workshop & networking event

  • Citizen Science – Viktor von Wyl / MS Registry

  • Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Rahel Naef

  • Family engagement in intensive care units

  • Call for Projects - Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland

  • New Journal: Frontiers in Health Services

  • Interview with Viktor von Wyl

  • Pre-conference workshop with Rahel Naef

  • Swiss Covid App shows effectiveness

  • Congratulations to Lauren Clack

  • Premises of IfIS in Zurich