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Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care

The module "Interprofessionelle Immersion" receives support from the UZH Teaching Fund

Interprofessional collaboration is one of the major challenges in our healthcare system. In the new module "Interprofessionelle Immersion" at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zurich, students from medicine, nursing, and other healthcare professions learn from, about and with each other: students from two professions form tandem pairs and complete practical, case-based tasks as part of their internships/residency. The focus is on acquiring interprofessional skills.

Thanks to the innovative teaching-learning format, the module has received support from the UZH Teaching Fund (ULF)   of the open_innovation funding line. ULF is an internal UZH funding instrument designed to support anyone involved in teaching at UZH in the realization of innovative teaching projects.

"We are delighted to receive support from the UZH Teaching Fund. It underlines the growing importance of interprofessional collaboration in healthcare and encourages us to successfully implement innovative teaching concepts," says Prof. Dr. Rahel Naef, who heads the Implementation Science in Nursing Science team at IfIS and developes the module with Ursina Wälchli, Dr. Nina Galushko-Jäckel, Dr. Barbara Holzer and Prof. Dr. med Dominik Schaer. The module is a collaboration with the four university hospitals and ZHAW Departement Gesundheit, Careum Bildungszentrum für Gesundheitsberuf, and Zentrum für Ausbildung im Gesundheitswesen ZAG.

Showcase "Interprofessionelle Immersion" (in German) (PDF, 1 MB)