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Institut für Implementation Science in Health Care

Gastreferat Prof. Dr. Tracy Finch

Evaluating the implementation of complex interventions in the context of clinical research

For clinical and health intervention research to achieve impact, we need to be building in ‘implementation thinking’ from the start. Implementation Science offers a plethora of theories, frameworks and assessment instruments that might help; but making sense of them and choosing the best ones for any project is challenging. Creative approaches to combining theories and methods are needed. NPT is a theory of implementation that explains how practices (in health and social care) become embedded, with reference to different kinds of work that individuals and groups participate in. In this lecture, Prof. Finch will draw on Normalization Process Theory (NPT) and other approaches from Implementation Science, to illustrate how implementation thinking can bring value and rigor to different steps in the process of designing and evaluating complex interventions in clinical research.

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