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Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care

Digital Transformation of Health and Clinical Research and Practice

The health sector has great potential to benefit from digital innovation yet is also plagued by challenges in complexity, data management, and trust. All aspects of health systems, health-related research and clinical research and practice are being transformed by digital innovation.

Within our focus area of digital and mobile health, we investigate the conditions for successful digital transformation of health systems, such as the role of trust in adoption of electronic health records. We also research and develop approaches for digital public health, such as using digital approaches for monitoring disease incidence. Our research aims to lay the foundations for the next generation of digital observational health studies including innovations in methods, development of tools, and defining and disseminating best practices.

Within our focus area of medical knowledge and decision support we explore the impact of new technologies across the range of activities needed to access and use the latest research findings and translate them into actionable insights. We study the potential and limitations of novel Artificial Intelligence technologies such as language and multi-modal generative and predictive models for knowledge management and clinical decision support. We work on advancing digital approaches to automate evidence synthesis and understand the impact of new methods for knowledge dissemination on shared decision-making. We study the human impact of digital technologies on clinical work. We develop methods to make sense of data and models and apply those methods to solve problems from biomedical discovery and clinical applications.